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Wastewater Solutions

Whether it’s a large closed loop energy cooling system, an industrial or food processing water system, or a traditional municipal treatment system, increased state and federal regulations and disposal requirements are a current reality and growing challenge. At Environmental Intelligence we promote 3Tiers’ Bio-Regen suite of natural wastewater products to deliver the “Next Generation” of organic water solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Our range of services and recommended products enable us to help you solve a host of industry challenges, including:

Sludge Management

Dredging costs and the disposal of material can be costly, but by applying targeted water treatment products, the sludge is consumed without disruption of mechanized processes. Simple feed processes naturally consume organic build-up and will improve water quality and regain holding capacities. Organic sludge, fats, oils, greases, and hydrocarbon residuals are all correctable targets for our products.

Algae & Excess Nutrient Loading

Algae creates a variety of water issues that limit the overall performance of a wastewater system. The normal cause is tied to excess nutrient loading and in most cases is related to sludge issues. We can recommend new specialty products to address and correct these issues using new copper ion technology from 3Tier Technologies that is very safe for even potable water sources.

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) & Odour Control

H2S is a tremendous health and safety issue as are noxious odours that can be created by imbalanced wastewater systems. Specialty products have been designed not to mask the odours or H2S, but rather go directly to the root cause and alter the waters’ properties to reduce and ultimately eliminate the problem.

Salt, Chloride, & Bicarbonate Treatments

Sodium-based water can create both long and short term operational and maintenance issues of pipes, pumps and equipment. Specialty treatment products are available to buffer and neutralize the harmful effects of corrosive materials in waste streams for improved re-use.

As an added benefit to our customers, Environmental Intelligence has a team of specialists that will help you identify a suitable corrective action plan and measurable expectations. We also provide training and support to help your in-house team to manage the entire process.

To discuss how Environmental Intelligence can assist you with Wastewater Solutions please call us today for a free consultation on 03 9325 3670.