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Bio Regen™ PWT 1000 Safety Data Sheet


PWT-1000 is a unique formula containing a patent pending Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex creating a double action “catalyst and support system” that enhances the natural wastewater treatment process. It was scientifically formulated to eliminate H2S, lower sodium and metal levels/toxicity; reduce electrical conductivity and total suspended solids…

Bio Regen™ OWS Safety Data Sheet


When added to organic waste, Bio-Regen™OWS activates to significantly reduce odours, and greatly increase the decomposition of various organic solids, and metabolize unwanted, odour causing bacteria. Bio-Regen™OWS combines the power of Carboxx with billions of these specialized, supercharged microbes and enzymes to join with newly fortified indigenous beneficial microbes to quickly metabolize solids and overwhelm harmful bacteria that produce odour and other undesirable by-products…

Bio Regen™ Salt Away Safety Data Sheet


Bio Regen™ Salt Away is a convenient, cost effective, liquid treatment product derived from a naturally occurring organic substrate. Our proprietary and patented manufacturing process unleashes unparalleled performance that address most of the potential effects that excess sodium and heavy metals will have in all soil and wastewater applications…

Bio Regen™ Sludge Pellets Safety Data Sheet


Bio Regen™ Sludge Pellets is a sludge reducing pellet specifically designed to be a low maintenance, low cost solution for in-situ sludge degradation in municipal and industrial applications. The key to the sludge pellet is not only how it’s scientifically formulated, but how it’s designed. Bio-Regen Sludge Pellets are fortified with specially selected beneficial bacteria that are high volume waste consumers of sludge and other organic material. In addition the pellets contain a nutritionally complete trace mineral package with a broad spectrum enzyme and amino acid complex. This triple action pellet works synergistically to create a natural organic catalyst to stimulate biological activity for enhanced sludge degradation at the source…

Bio Regen™ Soil Rx Safety Data Sheet


Soil Rx utilizes a new approach to solving soil and water hydrocarbon contamination problems. Specifically formulated for safe, effective and environmentally friendly applications. Soil Rx utilizes a blend of Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Bio-Polymers, highly concentrated live, hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex consisting of a nutrient-rich extract, with a broad-spectrum package of identifiable amino acids and other proteins. This triple action product works together synergistically to degrade hydrocarbons with minimal use of equipment, labor and cost. Soil Rx is a low-cost liquid, making it an easy-to-use, cost effective means to eliminate hydrocarbon contamination problems within various types of industry. Soil Rx is an excellent product to remediate hydrocarbons in soil and water. It is effective on gasoline, jet fuels, diesel fuels, grease, tar, motor oils, crude oils, organic solvents, etc…

GreenCat™Safety Data Sheet


Tough Task Concrete, Masonry, and Gravel Cleaner & Etcher with Ultimate Bio-Enzymatic Technology – GreenCat™ is an interior/exterior 2-in-1 cleaner and etcher. It is designed to clean tough stains and lightly etch bare concrete and masonry surfaces. This biodegradable tenacious cleaner will lift and remove grease, oil, auto fluids, rust, lubricating oils, transfer fluids, and more from concrete surfaces or gravel soils. Additionally, it will prepare the surface for paint, stain, and sealer coating. Use on uncoated concrete garage floors, driveways, parking lots, manufacturing floors, walkways, pool decks, basement floors, gravel and more!…

Ultimate 3x Safety Data Sheet


Degreaser Ultimate Bio-Enzymatic Technology – Ultimate 3X Degreaser with DST (Dynamic Surface Tension) is a proprietary surfactant package that dramatically reduces the surface tension, or “holding power,” of soils – thus super charging the cleaning performance. This eliminates the traditional reliance on free alkalines and related dangers. Conventional, non DST, surfactant based chemistries can actually drive oil and grease deeper into the pores of concrete. 3X Degreaser lifts oils and grease from the surface, making it the perfect cleaner and degreaser for painted surfaces or for sealed concrete floors…

Litter Disease Management


LDM was engineered to improve litter bed conditions during every grow-out and “Regenerate” the litter bed after each flock is removed from the house. LDM achieves this by providing the essential beneficial microbial activity necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the litter bed…



The process of biodegradation occurs naturally; however, composting is a more controlled process for biodegrading organic waste. Composting is a method for treating solid waste in which organic material is broken down by microorganisms in the presence of oxygen to a point where it can be safely stored, handled and applied to the environment.
Bio-Regen™ Compost is a unique compost accelerant derived from highly purified families of humates, an ultra-high concentration of synergistic bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex. Essential nutrients and additional rich sugars are added to provide a complete composting package. Finished compost has the advantage of being a natural fertilizer that is environmentally friendly.