The transport industry can be a highly complex and challenging industry. The geographical spread of vehicles along with isolation of employees demands particular attention especially with regard to minimising environmental risks.

Whether it be accidental cargo spills, waste management for public transport or cleaning and degreasing the vehicles, Environmental Intelligence has a solution to meet your needs.


Transporting cargo of hazardous nature always requires a spill management strategy. Even when the load you are carrying isn’t hazardous, our products can assist by making the clean-up simple but effective. Carrying Spill kits is legislated in many situations and with our range of options, Environmental Intelligence can help you with your spill management strategy.


Trains, buses, campervans and even your own personal caravan all have the challenge of organic waste management. Holding tanks can produce gases and be difficult to manage, but with 3Tier products we can make the job much easier and a lot less smelly!


As with all industries, cleaning of vehicles can become a time consuming and costly practice. Essential for the good maintenance and longevity of the vehicle, transport businesses are constantly looking for more effective solutions to manage this process.

At Environmental Intelligence we promote a variety of cleaning products suitable for your vehicles’ exteriors and mechanical components. Environmentally safe, as with all our products, and highly effective, saving you time and money while delivering excellent results.