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Product Overview
The process of biodegradation occurs naturally; however, composting is a more controlled process for biodegrading organic waste. Composting is a method for treating solid waste in which organic material is broken down by microorganisms in the presence of oxygen to a point where it can be safely stored, handled and applied to the environment.
Bio-Regen™ Compost is a unique compost accelerant derived from highly purified families of humates, an ultra-high concentration of synergistic bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex. Essential nutrients and additional rich sugars are added to provide a complete composting package. Finished compost has the advantage of being a natural fertilizer that is environmentally friendly.

Application Information
Proper composting occurs at elevated temperatures in the presence of 40-60% humidity. Nature uses complex reactions to help decompose complex structures into smaller simpler units that can be reused by plants and animals. One of the catalysts that nature uses to drive this reaction is humate. Bio-Regen™ Compost takes this natural component, purifies, and concentrates it, creating a compost accelerant that turbo-charges nature’s process. Humic Acid, this super concentrated, high reactivity ingredient powers a more rapid composting reaction.
By including the blend of Humic Acid and enzymes with a selective blend of micro-organisms,
Bio-Regen™ Compost effectively addresses all of the issues required for fast and effective composting where other traditional products fall short.
Bio-Regen™ Compost, when added to compost facilities, activates quickly to decrease the composting time. Humic Acid, fortified with composting nutrients and simple sugars, joins with the plentiful indigenous microbes to enhance the triple-action composting process. This comprehensive reaction provides the pathway for Bio-Regeneration of complex carbon sources into simple structures that are readily usable for plants and animals alike.

Technical Information
Bio-Regen™ Compost is highly concentrated and must be diluted with water prior to soil applications. Mixing must be done at a minimum of 10 parts clean water to 1part concentrate. Water between 5° and 50°C gives you optimum performance.
General Composting Applications (Large Scale): Dilute 5 litres of concentrate in 50 litres of clean water. Apply 5 litres of diluted material per cubic meter of organic material. Monitor moisture and material temperature for maximum results. For large compost piles, material may require turning and additional application of diluted material.
General Composting Applications (Small Scale): Dilute 250 to 500 ml of concentrate in 5 litres of clean water. Liberally apply 5 litres of diluted material to one cubic meter of organic material. Monitor moisture and turn material occasionally for best results.
Note: Composting facilities vary due to organic materials. Contact Environmental Intelligence for specific recommendations.

Request a Bio-Regen™ Compost SDS or more information, contact Environmental Intelligence Technical Team by email or call 03 9325 3670. Tomorrow’s solution today.

To download a Bio-Regen™ Compost Environmental Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.