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Bio-Regen™ Sludge Pellets

By 3Tier Technologies, are designs to handle sludge degradation and reduction in a wide variety of organic waste situations found in various wastewater systems including municipal, lift stations, industrial, pulp and paper, food processing, petrochemical, and even animal waste wastewater.

Sludge handling and degradation at the municipal and industrial level is becoming a costly challenge. The staggering cost of mechanically desludging lagoons or industrial waste treatment facilities is astronomical, and there are fewer and fewer landfill options for disposal. Simply handling this waste by-product is both labour intensive and can be hazardous for employees.

Bio-Regen™ Sludge Pellets is a sludge reducing pellet specifically designed to be a low maintenance, low cost solution for in-situ sludge degradation in municipal and industrial applications. The key to the sludge pellet is not only how it’s scientifically formulated, but how it’s designed. Bio-Regen Sludge Pellets are fortified with specially selected beneficial bacteria that are high volume waste consumers of sludge and other organic material. In addition the pellets contain a nutritionally complete trace mineral package with a broad spectrum enzyme and amino acid complex. This triple action pellet works synergistically to create a natural organic catalyst to stimulate biological activity for enhanced sludge degradation at the source.

From farming to general industry, Bio-Regen™ Sludge Pellets may be the right solution for your business

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To download a Bio-Regen™ Sludge Pellets Environmental Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.