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Environmental Intelligence

Environmental Intelligence has been 30 years in the making built from a blend of engineering innovation and scientific research to take on todays’ businesses’ challenges.

With agility and a drive for cutting edge solutions,
we continuously adapt our processes, products and techniques to ensure we offer the very best options for the diverse industries we work with and their ever-changing needs. We don’t just help our clients, we revolutionise the way they deal with waste water and industrial by-product, enabling them to exceed their moral, social and legal obligations to maintain a healthy and safe environment now and for generations to come.

In partnership with 3 Tier Technologies

From Florida, USA, and Engineering & Maintenance Solutions from Melbourne Australia, we provide innovative engineered systems and natural solutions that out perform traditional alternatives and provide consistent results.

We act with business, its people and
the environment in mind.

We believe responsibility begins and
finishes with each of us.

When science and technology come together
you get Environmental Intelligence.

We are Environmental Intelligence.



Mark Gabsch

Managing Director

With a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and over 24 years of experience in engineering, maintenance and business management, Mark is the Managing Director of Environmental Intelligence. Starting his first engineering based business in 1995, Mark has developed a reputation for delivering timely and effective solutions to industry positively impacting their efficiencies and profits.
Environmental Intelligence enables Mark to focus his energy into an area he is passionate about – preserving and respecting our environment. Mark understands that delivering “real value” to the customer is essential and is clear that the products and services provided by Environmental Intelligence provide just that.

Backed by quality products and a team of highly qualified engineers, Mark will find a solution for your business needs.

Mia Gabsch

R&D Manager

Inquisitive and driven by a need to understand, Mia ensures trials and processes are documented and managed in a controlled way to achieve a specific outcome.

Passionate about finding a better way to preserve the planet for future generations, Mia will find the most environmentally friendly solution.

Frank Cammaroto

Business Development Manager

With 23 years in the Poultry Industry as General Manager of a family based business, Frank knows what it takes to support a business and make it work.

With a hands on approach, Frank is positive that he can bring new and improved ideas to the business that consider the environment and the bottom line.

Environmental Intelligence

Offers a new approach in client services to ensure our range of environmental solutions are a match for your business needs.

Our targeted project services are available on an ‘as needed basis’ eliminating the need for contracts. We also offer product only purchases, supported by training from our experts, as cost effective options for those clients who want to implement and manage the solution themselves.

These options give you the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the service and product usage levels according to your business needs. Environmental Intelligence staff are available to assist with training and trials as required to ensure you have all the information you need before you select the right product or service for you.

We guide your staff through the analysis process and provide a detailed correction program with measurable expectations without a fixed contract.

Since you don’t have a contract, call our team when you have a challenge that needs correction and we will work with you to provide a cost effective solution.

Our goal is to ensure that your staff is equipped to respond to future challenges. You can use our team as an extension of your staff without needing us around all the time.

Proper water and soil testing provides critical tracking data that can be used for treatment programs. We can support you to set up accurate testing to measure performance and validate your spend.

Our expert team will review all the known challenges while exploring all possible root causes, develop a strategy for the correction including not only product costs but also implementation plans that provide established expectations with goals to be achieved.

All solutions provide the products and implementation required to correct the challenge. You only pay for the products and actual expenses of the experts required to visit the site to install or train the staff in proper use of the products. Again, no contract; just solutions. You only pay for the actual work being done.

All solutions provide all costs and expectations with a variety of options that detail possible costs allowing you the opportunity to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Environmental Intelligence and its trained experts work closely with our customers to ensure you are successful from the very beginning. We understand that every project has its own set of unique challenges that must be considered. We do not deliver product and hope that you figure out the way to use it.

Our team will guide you through every step of the process and will be available to work with your staff to achieve optimal results.