Modern agriculture has undergone transformations that can significantly affect productivity. Chemical run-off, ground water contamination, build-up of valuable nutrients unavailable to the plant, environmental damage from fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides – all have led to regulations restricting the options farmers now have in bringing their crops to market profitably.

Using 3Tier products, Environmental Intelligence enables farmers to maintain the eco-balance of their acreage, repair chemical damage to soil, and increase productivity in a sustainable, cost-effective way. We have created new opportunities for farmers to target and resolve a number of today’s challenges. Environmental Intelligence can support the agricultural industry with a variety of solutions in the following areas:


The challenges of over farming land can be overcome easily with 3Tier products. The bio-active materials increase water absorption and retention, holding vital nutrients in soil solution and preventing loss from leaching or runoff. By adding an industry leading microbial package, you can increase natural biological activity, detoxify soil from salt and pesticide residues, accelerate root development, protect plants and soils against pathogenic diseases naturally, and assist in the conversion and transport of valuable nutrients from the soil into the plant resulting in larger and healthier yields.


Removing salt from soil can be an ongoing challenge in many locations within Australia. 3Tiers’ Bio-Regen™ Salt Away is an all new, scientifically engineered blend of Ionic and Non – Ionic Humic/Fulvic/Organic Bio-Polymers fortified with Urea Nitrogen, specifically designed for the correction of high sodium, bicarbonates and metals in both irrigation water and soil.
Add Salt Away to any protocol to combat the negative effects of sodium and/or bicarbonate issues. Salt Away is simple to apply and provides consistent results.


Whether it is farming by-product or general rubbish, managing waste can be easily done with our premium organic and sludge management products saving you time and effort. Bio-Regen™ Sludge Pellets have been specifically formulated to target waste and sludge and may be the solution you are looking for.

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