One of the greatest challenges in mining is reducing the impact that mining has on our environment while still delivering profitable results. The difficulties of working in an often unforgiving location can also increase the challenge for managing waste, by-product and even maintaining and cleaning equipment to the standard that is required.

Environmental Intelligence can support the mining industry with a variety of solutions in the following areas:


Both surface and underground mining can have severe environmental impacts by disrupting the landscape, removing vegetation and topsoil, contaminating the air with dust and toxic substances, and causing toxic compounds in mining spoils to percolate into the groundwater.


Restoration and rehabilitation of sites is becoming more common, but it can also be expensive. Remediation of contaminated soils and water is an ongoing responsibility for mining companies and a focus for Environmental Intelligence. Using 3Tier proprietary products, we deliver effective results for hydrocarbon, heavy metal and sodium removal without harm to the environment, your people or your hip pocket.

Effective bio-remediation requires multiple systems to work as an orchestrated ballet to achieve maximum performance. If one of the key systems is compromised in the process the entire process will be affected and the required results will be inconsistent. These inconsistencies often reduce the performance that limits the desired results. For this reason, we have teamed up with 3Tier Technologies who have spent several years researching the bio-remediation industry to identify the various challenges and create solutions.

3Tier first identified that microbial and enzyme based products used for bio-remediation of hydrocarbons, PCB’s and organic waste constituents can be successful though it also identified that these processes are often inconsistent, slow, and can be affected by a variety of variables. To overcome these challenges, 3 Tier Technologies has discovered that current products offered in today’s markets offer a single solution, either microbes or enzymes

3Tier products achieve a complete regeneration system through the use of a special recipe of three distinct yet synergistic components; a blend of activated Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Bio-polymers (PEB), a ultra high concentration of live, target-specific, naturally occurring bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural enzyme product consisting of a nutrient-rich extract with a broad-spectrum package of identifiable enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids and other proteins. This next generation of bio-remediation products create a triple action solution while providing a unique stimulation to all bio-remediation processes; bio-stimulation, bio-augmentation, and natural attenuation.



As with all industry, cleaning of plant and equipment can become a time consuming and costly practice. Essential for the good maintenance and longevity of the asset, businesses are constantly looking for more effective solutions to manage this process.


At Environmental Intelligence we promote a variety of cleaning products for floors, machines and equipment. Environmentally safe, as with all our products, and highly effective, saving you time and money while delivering excellent results. 



Australia has a number of legacy mine sites which continue to pose a risk to the environment. Many of these sites ceased operations before 2005 and predated the requirement for operators to lodge a


rehabilitation security bond and have either inadequate or non-existent strategies to prevent damage to the environment. Environmental Intelligence can support the mining industry and government to rehabilitate the effects of old mines and return the environment to its pre-mined state.



Whether it is industrial by-product or general rubbish, managing waste can be easily done with our premium organic and sludge management products.