Whether business or pleasure, the marine industry can be faced with a range of issues that impact on both the vessel and the environment. Whether you are faced with de-greasing a bilge, eliminating odours from a holding tank or having to clean the exterior of the craft, Environmental Intelligence has a solution to meet your needs.


Larger boats and vessels all have the challenge of organic waste management. Holding tanks can produce gases and be difficult to manage, but with 3Tier products we can make the job much easier and a lot less smelly!


Boats of all sizes are notoriously difficult to clean, especially with the salt water, bird droppings and historically, harsh chemicals have been used which are unfriendly for both our environment and sea life. With proprietary 3Tier products, we can offer a safe and effective cleaning solution for any fibreglass boat.

Boats have an added complexity of the difficulty in reaching the bottom of the bilge where oil and water often gets stuck. Essential for the good maintenance and longevity of the vessel, mariners are constantly looking for more effective solutions to manage this process.

At Environmental Intelligence we promote a variety of cleaning products suitable for your vessels’ exterior and bilge. Environmentally safe, as with all our products, and highly effective, saving you time and money while delivering excellent results.