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Bio-Regen™ OWS (Organic Waste Solution) by 3Tier Technologies is formulated to treat organic waste problems at the source. An array of highly specialized species and subspecies of Bacillus microbes that exhibit specific enzymatic activities are selected to rapidly decompose organic solid wastes, as well as reduce harmful levels of wastewater nutrients and/or odour causing agents.

Reductions in noxious odours through combative inhabitancy are the cornerstone of the microbial activity in the Bio-Regen™ OWS series. The Turbo Technology is shelf-stabilized to react quickly upon product application. Unlike other microbial technologies, which require longer times for the microbial preservation system to wear off, the Turbo Technology ensures the beneficial microbes enter hyper growth as rapidly as possible, reacting with the organic waste to provide real results.

Most competitors’ products have fallen short in their claims by using outdated technologies that simply add microbes to the organic waste expecting them to magically multiply and speed the treatment process. When added to the organic waste, Bio-Regen™ OWS activates to significantly reduce odours, greatly increase the decomposition of various organic solids, and metabolize unwanted, odour causing bacteria. Bio-Regen™ OWS combines the power of Carboxx™ with billions of these specialized, supercharged microbes and enzymes to join with newly fortified indigenous beneficial microbes to quickly metabolize solids and overwhelm harmful bacteria that produce odour and other undesirable by-products.

From wastewater ponds through to general composting waste, from commercial to domestic applications, Bio-Regen™ OWS may be the right solution for your business.

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To download a Bio-Regen™ OWS Environmental Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.