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Like many industries, the remediation field includes many competitors supplying various products, each offering limited or inconsistent results. Delivering consistent results relies on a thorough knowledge of soils, soil structure and the biological activity that takes place within the soil under differing conditions.

3Tiers’ Science Team has well over 60 years combined experience in the field of soils and agronomic management. Environmental Intelligence leverages this knowledge each and every time we identify a solution for our clients, whether it be in the remediation of salts, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide gas or heavy metals.

Effective bio-remediation requires multiple systems to work to achieve maximum performance. If one of the key systems is compromised in the process the entire process will be affected and the desired results will be inconsistent. To overcome these challenges, 3Tier Technologies’ products are formulated to deliver multiple benefits that have been developed and proven in real world applications and offer targeted solutions to a host of industry challenges.

The following is just a sample of the key remediation targets that we can assist you to resolve:


Soil Rx utilizes a blend of organic bio-polymers, highly concentrated live, hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid. This triple action product works together synergistically to degrade hydrocarbons with minimal use of equipment, labour and cost. Soil Rx is a low-cost liquid, making it an easy-to-use, cost effective means to eliminate hydrocarbon contamination.

Heavy Metals

Wastes containing a substantial quantity of heavy metals, such as the ones originating from mining and metallurgical activities, are especially dangerous ones since heavy metals are extremely toxic. Environmental Intelligence can work with you to identify a solution to your heavy metal remediation requirements.

Sodium Management

Salt Away is a product that combines organic bio-polymers with bio-available calcium. This uniquely blended product possesses properties and functions that can detoxify, neutralize, bind, and convert a myriad of salts, chlorides, and toxic metals to benign residual soil mineral compounds.

Hydrogen Sulphide

Whether H2S is present in process water, a holding tank or crude oil itself, we have the solution to eliminate H2S. 3Tiers’ products incorporate a blend of Organic Bio-Polymers and other biological components that reverse the formation of H2S gas by binding the protons and stopping the formation or conversion to H2S. Each product also has “oxidative” catalytic properties which enables the highly effective oxidation of H2S into elemental sulphur and sulphates thus permanently eliminating H2S from the environment.


We offer a variety of targeted water solutions. Our Wastewater Management includes, sludge, algae, sodium and H2S.

Environmental Intelligence has access to a team of soil & water remediation specialists that will assist you to identify the right plan of action for your challenge.

To discuss how Environmental Intelligence can assist you with soil or water remediation please call us today for a free consultation on 03 9325 3670.