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Environmentally Safe Soil-utions to Completely Transform your Land

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With agility and a drive for cutting edge solutions,
We don’t just help our clients, we revolutionise the way they deal with waste water and industrial by-product, enabling them to exceed their moral, social and legal obligations to maintain a healthy and safe environment now and for generations to come.

It gets even better!

Environmental Intelligence offers a new approach in client services to ensure our range of environmental solutions are a match for your business needs.

Upfront Cost

All solutions provide all costs and expectations with a variety of options that detail possible costs.

No ‘lock n’ Contracts

We guide your staff through the analysis process and provide a detailed correction program with measurable expectations without a fixed contract.

Complete solutions

Our expert team will review all the known challenges while exploring all possible root causes, and develop a strategy for its correction.

Low cost implementation

All solutions provide the products and implementation required to correct the challenge.




Modern agriculture has undergone transformations that can significantly affect productivity.


One of the greatest challenges in mining is reducing the impact that mining has on our environment while still delivering profitable results.


Managing urban needs and delivering sustainable solutions is high on the agenda for our councils and government bodies.


From industrial cleaning to waste management, the challenges of industry today are complex and often costly to manage.

Poultry Farming

One of the many challenges poultry farmers face today is an increasing flock mortality rate.


The transport industry is focused on delivery in full and on time.

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