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Litter Disease Management

Improving poultry litter management to gain efficiency during the grow-out of flocks requires managing a complex set of variables. Foremost, the sheer number of birds placed on the litter bed stresses the bio-load capacity of the bed. Simply put, the ecosystem of the bed cannot handle the volume of waste. Natural decomposition of poultry waste requires the presence of specific strains of soil microbes to break down the uric acid and urea. Even under the best of conditions, these beneficial microbes are quickly challenged by pathogens. The bio-load build up placed on the litter bed from multiple flocks causes bacterial diseases and excessive ammonia levels during the grow-out.
Competitive litter treatments contain harsh acids designed to lower the pH of the bed prior to the initial placement of birds. Once the pH rises above the treatment’s capacity to bind the ammonia, the birds will be exposed to high ammonia levels caused by the residual bio-load in the bed. Furthermore, beneficial microbes require a higher pH for growth, and are destroyed during the application of these acid-based treatments, opening the door for disease-causing pathogens to populate the house.

Litter Disease Management (LDM) was engineered to improve litter bed conditions during every grow-out and “Regenerate” the litter bed after each flock is removed from the house. LDM achieves this by providing the essential beneficial microbial activity necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the litter bed. Two key technological strategies, employed in the formulation of LDM, provide the building blocks for regeneration and stabilization of the bed, resulting in a successful grow-out of every flock.

In order to bring a natural balance to the ecosystem of the bed, we have unlocked the power of carbon. Carboxx is a super-saturated, highly soluble, natural, activated Bio-Polymer from a family of broad-based carbon. Carboxx is an unbound polymer that allows the phenol and carboxyl groups to act as natural catalysts and chelating agents. This technology bridges the gap from inorganic to organic and provides a mechanism by which microbes operate more efficiently by enhancing the cationic exchange capacity in the environment into which they are introduced.

is supercharged with billions of specialized species and subspecies of beneficial microbes. These microbes were selected for their ability to decompose poultry waste and to provide a barrier against pathogens like E.coli and Salmonella through competitive inhabitance. LDM’s microbial technology incorporates a proprietary preservative package which allows the microbes to transform quickly from a shelf-stable state to hyper growth, thus providing maximum regeneration activity.

is formulated to safely and naturally decompose the chemical building blocks that lead to ammonia. The ecosystem of the litter bed is regenerated to a healthy state while the house is empty, leading to a healthier growing environment for your birds.

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