Poultry Farming

At Environmental Intelligence, we understand that modern poultry farming is an intensive and challenging industry and a very important part of Australia’s agricultural sector. As with many industries, there is a high focus on minimising its impact on the environment, and at Environmental Intelligence, we assist farmers to not only meet their obligations but to also increase their returns.

Some of the solutions we can assist farmers with include:


One of the many challenges poultry farmers face today is an increasing flock mortality rate which is increased by a number of factors including litter bed stress caused by bio-load build up and poor decomposition of poultry waste. Researchers and scientists at 3 Tier


Technologies have developed a revolutionary product called LDM specifically engineered to improve litter bed conditions during every grow-out and ‘regenerate’ the litter bed after each flock is removed from the house.

LDM achieves this by providing the essential beneficial microbial activity necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the litter bed. This product has been formulated with two technologies that support the stabilisation of the bed and a higher success grow-out of every flock.

The first technology is the powerful use of carbon. Carboxx, a key ingredient in LDM, is a super saturated, highly soluble, natural, activated Bio-polymer from a family of broad based carbon. This technology bridges the gap from inorganic to organic and provides a mechanism by which microbes operate more efficiently by enhancing the cationic exchange capacity in the environment into which they are introduced.

The second technology is a supercharge of billions of specialised species and subspecies of beneficial microbes, selected for their ability to decompose poultry waste and to provide a barrier against pathogens like E.coli and salmonella. LDM’s technology also incorporates a proprietary preservative package which allows the microbes to transform quickly from shelf-stable to hyper growth providing you with maximum regeneration activity.

The beauty of LDM is that it is formulated to safely and naturally decompose the chemical building blocks that lead to ammonia. The ecosystem of the litter bed is able to regenerate to a healthy state in between flocks, leading to a healthier growing environment for your birds and a better return for your business. Triple action LDM helps you drive more profitability through healthier birds – to read more and hear about real success stories download 3Tiers’ Complete Guide to Litter Disease Management “What Chicks Want”.



In addition to management of the litter beds, Environmental Intelligence can also support poultry farmers with management of poultry carcass remediation. Dead poultry on farms can cause, odour and aesthetic problems, surface and groundwater pollution, disease, and also


insect, rodent and predator problems if the birds are not disposed of daily. Composting has been widely recognised as the most feasible option for poultry farmers and there has been an increased interest in composting in recent years. Environmental Intelligence can support you to work with this method using one of 3Tiers’ premium remediation products, Bio-Regen™ OWS.