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Ultimate 3X – with DST™ (Dynamic Surface Tension) is a proprietary surfactant package that dramatically reduces the surface tension, or “holding power,” of soils – thus super charging the cleaning performance. This eliminates the traditional reliance on free alkalines and related dangers.

Conventional, non DST™, surfactant based chemistries can actually drive oil and grease deeper into the pores of concrete while 3X Degreaser lifts oils and grease from the surface, making it the perfect cleaner and degreaser for painted surfaces or for sealed concrete floors. Oils, greases and particulate soils are quickly penetrated and lifted faster and with less force. With DST™ you clean faster and with less effort.

Ideal for the removal and cleaning of oil, grease, dried hydrocarbons, most water stains, pen, marker, ink printers ink, crayons, scuff-marks, soap scum, scotch tape, masking tape, labels, stickers, food/drink stains, blood stains, mildew stains, bird droppings, tar, asphalt, fireplace soot, oxidation, and more.

Ultimate 3X Benefits

DST™ = 3X quicker cleaning.

Safe for all surfaces and uses.

No free alkalines – won’t damage copper, aluminium, or brass. Dilutable for further economies.

If you are regularly frustrated by cleaning, Ultimate 3X may be the right solution for your industry.

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To download a copy of our Ultimate 3x Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.