3Tier Technologies

The unique nature of the 3Tier product range is based on a foundation of a triple action solution. Each product has been developed with the right blend of science and technology to bring you the most effective product to meet your business needs.

3Tiers’ unique product formulation introduces the bio-remediation industry with the first complete multi-action solution that supplies all the critical components to effectively manage all levels of contamination, in a variety of environments. The three components in the signature Bio-Regen™ product formulation are:

Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Bypolymers (PEB™)

An activated long-chain carbon designed to attract and absorb the contaminants. The activated nature of this proprietary component provides for a highly reactive solution that when added to contaminated sites stabilises the inconsistencies and provides a balanced environment and support to biological activities. To put it simply, it allows and enhances the ability for nature to take its course without adding any toxicity.


The common challenges that needed dramatic improvement with microbes from world-wide research was stability, consistent performance in a variety of conditions, easy use, and established application guidelines. 3Tiers’ state-of-the-art microbial packages have been created to overcome all of these challenges.


The third and final component, 3Tier specially blends their enzyme formulations to help in catalyzing the hydrolysis of the complex molecules present in a variety of contaminated environments, transforming them into substances that are easier to biodegrade. In short the enzymatic reactions turn apples into applesauce for easier consumption.