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Innovative Industrial Cleaning Products
with Bio-Enzymatic Formulas

Millions of pounds of organic waste and oil/hydrocarbon find their way into soil and waterways each year – but where does it go? Bacteria and the enzymes they produce use these contaminants as a food source to eliminate them. Over time, these contaminants are reduced to CO2 and water. The Bio-Enzymatic process is truly nature’s janitor.

3Tier Technologies has transformed the cleaning process by simply adding bio-enzymatic properties to its cleaning chemistries. These products also feature high performance surfactants and polymers which means a super-charged cleaning performance is obtained. These products are employed in the toughest environments where performance is demanded.

Lab testing has confirmed 3Tier base products are five times less toxic than baby shampoo. In addition to being non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and non-reactive, 3Tier products have been formulated to be ISO 14000 compliant, and free of Volatile Organic Compound’s and necessary manifests. 3Tier products will eliminate toxic exposures and indoor air quality concerns, which increases personal and company safety.

Compare for yourself. 3Tiers’ products give you decreased liabilities, flammability, and contaminant levels along with significant cost reduction through the efficiency of the product application.

Energy Industry Hygiene Programs

As the past has shown, when the industry is challenged by lower oil prices, it is forced to look for new and innovative ways to do things. Unfortunately, even with lower production still comes inadvertent spills and required clean-ups and maintenance. Today, energy companies are learning that quick response and daily management practices can save tremendous amounts of money by re-training current staff to react with easy to use, environmentally safe products and programs which eliminate the issue when it happens at a fraction of the cost. 3 Tier has developed a complete suite of products and programs that can be easily implemented into operations that will significantly reduce overall costs and provide greater protections to the environment, without the need for high dollar contractor costs later.