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Is a fine grain, natural, silica-free, absorbent, inoculated with oil eating bacteria engineered to fully capture and bio-remediate all hydrocarbon contaminates. Unlike clay absorbents that rely on oil “clinging” to the granules, SpillSorb absorbents soak up oils like a sponge.

SpillSorb’s crystalline honeycomb-like structure leaves surfaces clean, slick-free, and absolutely dry. In slippery manufacturing facilities with employee fall liabilities, SpillSorb is a must.
This new technology absorbent can be re-used until it is fully saturated and is great for spills on hard surfaces or soil. It is packaged in resealable pails – perfect for mobile spill response!

SpillSorb Benefits

Leaves surfaces slick-free.

6 times more effective than clay-based products.


Traps odours.

Made with billions microbes per gram to speed remediation.

Ideal for oil, chemicals, cutting oils, transfer fluids, coolants, solvents, paints, grease and other petroleum products. Ideal in maintenance workshops, manufacturing plants, drill rigs, re-fuelling areas, marinas, shipyards, repair facilities and more.

If your industry is challenged by spill management, SpillSorb may be the right solution for you.

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To download a copy of our SpillSorb Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.