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Litter Disease Management

Are you looking for a more effective solution to reduce disease and have healthier birds? LDM (Litter Disease Management) from 3Tier Technologies provides the answers to your litter management challenges.

The unique natural ingredients in LDM have been formulated to re-balance the organic ecosystem of the litter. Unlike acid products, which are toxic to humans and birds alike, LDM is pH balanced and constantly consumes organics that regenerates the natural balance of the litter. Regenerating your entire litter bed allows it to be used longer, for safe, healthier birds.

Using this amazing product, Environmental Intelligence works with the grower to target specific issues inside the barn that may cause undue stress to the young animals by providing natural nonchemical solutions for ammonia odour control, and reducing disease causing pathogens in the litter. Proper litter management is not only a commitment to change but a system that each grower should understand.

Working with the competitive exclusion approach, we make sure the good bacteria are provided all of the necessary “tools” they need to work harder, faster and essentially out-compete the bad bacteria commonly present in the barn, quite simply this is an approach to naturally control pathogens throughout the entire grow out process.

For more information why not download our “What Chick’s Want” information booklet!