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Bio-Regen™ Salt Away

By 3Tier Technologies is a new management tool for the remediation of high sodium and metal contaminated soils and wastewater streams.

Bio-Regen™ Salt Away is an advanced treatment product combing two next generation technologies, Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Organic Bio-Polymers (PEB) with bio-available calcium. This uniquely blended product utilises multiple functions and mechanisms to detoxify, neutralise and bind salts and chlorides, with the added ability to convert a myriad of toxic metals to benign residual metals.


a highly reactive long-chain molecule providing a purified carbon source available with various concentrations of fulvic acids, high reaction functional groups, high CEC potential, and low ash and ballast.

Salt Away

contains a combination of negatively charged molecules for reactions with positively charged Na and a new generation of non-ionic molecules for negatively charged chlorides.
This unique combination with the addition of calcium creates a complete remediation tool for salts, chlorides and metals. PEB is an all-natural, highly soluble, liquid concentrate that is safe and easy to use for both soil and aqueous application.

Why is the PEB important to the salt remediation process?

Why is the PEB important to the salt remediation process?

PEB naturally binds, adsorbs, and coordinates sodium cations and chlorine anions which allow excessive amounts of salts/chlorides to become more mobile, which eliminates the salts/chlorides ability to bind to soil particles, especially clay. This reaction allows sodium/chlorides to be safely leached and naturally filtered through the soil profile.

How does Bio-Regen™ Salt Away improve the
soil condition?

When sodium by-products are accidentally released onto healthy soils, the results on vegetation are immediate, often with devastating results. The impact of the sodium increases compaction through interactions with clay particles, reduces the ability for moisture to naturally penetrate the soils, dramatically increases Electrical Conductivity (EC), and limits natural nutrient conversion and availability to plants resulting in certain death.

Treatment of soils with Salt Away creates fresh soil organic matter that results in healthy, active soil for re-use. Salt Away will increase CEC while reducing electrical conductivity, improve water holding capacity by reducing the osmotic pressure, and soil porosity/structure by releasing the sodium for the clay and reversing the charge of the clay particles, forcing them apart.

Salt Away helps to safely regenerate soil affected by salts/chlorides/metals and promotes improved soil structure for healthy, productive use of the site. From farming to general industry, Bio-Regen™ Salt Away may be the right solution for your business.

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