Advanced Water Treatment Technology

PWT-1000 is a unique formula by 3 Tier Technologies containing a patent pending Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex creating a double action “catalyst and support system” that enhances the natural wastewater treatment process. It was scientifically formulated to eliminate H2S, lower sodium and metal levels/toxicity; reduce electrical conductivity and total suspended solids.

The PEB found in PWT-1000 is an ultra-pure balance of beneficial, long chain, negatively charged, stable carbon groups that acts as a natural buffering agent creating a stable treatment environment. PEB also acts as a sequestering agent binding metal ions into an insoluble stable complex that becomes a non-toxic organic metal complex and mineral.

As a chelating agent, PWT-1000 detoxifies poisonous metal agents by converting them to a less toxic biochemically inert form while providing an unprecedented capacity to capture and absorb a wide array of contaminants found in gas/oil exploration and mining wastewater. In addition to the PEB, PWT-1000 contains a broad spectrum amino acid complex that speeds up the natural degradation of organics by efficiently catalysing complex organic molecules found in wastewater.

PWT-1000 is designed to quickly reduce sodium levels and toxicity while improving water clarity. It also helps minimise scale formation due to reduced metal/mineral salts and is a water treatment tool that requires limited equipment. Therefore, PWT-1000 shows a significant competitive advantage over alternative products for the treatment of related industrial wastewater.

How is PWT-1000 Used?

It can be used as an “on-site” treatment tool for H2S elimination/reduction or as an enhancement for wastewater recycling by creating increased volumes for re-use by precipitating the contaminants in the remaining water for lower disposal costs.

How is it applied?

PWT-1000 is designed for the treatment of the wastewater generated through fracking operations, coal seam gas exploration and mining that contains various levels of H2S, sodium, trace metals, and all by-products of the exploration efforts. The treatment of these waters can be completed by injection at the point of generation and/or at the holding tanks or ponds. Effective treatment can be successfully completed using multiple methods within the current disposal structure already in use with limited need for additional equipment or staff. As a highly concentrated liquid, PWT-1000 can be diluted prior to use or added directly to the wastewater. For optimal performance, product is to be applied and agitated evenly into the entire water column, and/or supplied under continuous injection through the transfer lines.

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