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Bio-Regen™ PWT-1000

By 3Tier Technologies is a unique formula to enhance the natural wastewater treatment process. PWT-1000 contains Polyelectrolyte Enhanced Biopolymer (PEB) and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex creating a double action “catalyst and support system”. PWT-1000 was scientifically formulated to eliminate H2S, lower sodium and metal levels/toxicity; reduce electrical conductivity and total suspended solids.

As a chelating agent, PWT-1000 detoxifies poisonous metal agents by converting them into a less toxic biochemically inert form while providing an unprecedented capacity to capture and absorb a wide array of contaminants found in gas/oil exploration and mining wastewater. In addition to the PEB, PWT-1000 contains a broad spectrum amino acid complex that speeds up the natural degradation of organics by efficiently catalyzing complex organic molecules found in wastewater.

Most competitors’ products have fallen short in their claims by using outdated technologies that simply add microbes to the organic waste expecting them to magically multiply and speed the treatment process. When added to the organic waste, Bio-Regen™ OWS activates to significantly reduce odours, greatly increase the decomposition of various organic solids, and metabolize unwanted, odour causing bacteria. Bio-Regen™ OWS combines the power of Carboxx™ with billions of these specialized, supercharged microbes and enzymes to join with newly fortified indigenous beneficial microbes to quickly metabolize solids and overwhelm harmful bacteria that produce odour and other undesirable by-products.

From wastewater ponds through to general composting waste, from commercial to domestic applications, Bio-Regen™ OWS may be the right solution for your business.

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To download a Bio-Regen™ PWT-1000 Environmental Safety Data Sheet visit our Resource Library.